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George Friedman on Trump in Poland and Intermarium

Posobiec on Trump visiting Poland

Details of Trump's visit to Poland. Who will the president meet?

The head of President Duda's office, Krzysztof Szczerski, informs about the details of the US President's visit to Poland. "From the Polish point of view, the most important part of US President Donald Trump’s July visit in Warsaw will be the bilateral talks with President Andrzej Duda," said Krzysztof Szczerski. What else awaits us during the US President's visit to Poland?

Referring to the details of Trump's visit program, Krzysztof Szczerski stated that the three most important points of his visit are already known.

 "The Trump-Duda bilateral talks are the first point, since this is a visit as a result of President Duda's invitation, so that is certainly the most important point from the Polish point of view, these are Polish-American bilateral talks, between the two presidents," the presidential minister stressed.

The most important topics of discussion will be security issues and economic cooperation between the United States and the Trinidad region.

 - For the first time since Poland's accession to NATO, the Polish-American alliance is not an exotic alliance, but a real alliance. On the territory of Poland are American troops, a heavy brigade,under the American flag due to this bilateral cooperation, as well as due to cooperation with cooperation with NATO, under the NATO flag, following the decision of the NATO summit in Warsaw. It is important that we can talk about Polish-American military cooperation in terms of security in a real way right now, and not just about issues on paper, "said Krzysztof Szczerski.

The second point that is already known is the participation of the US President as a guest of honour at the summit of the Trinity. The third point will be the public speech of the US President with a message to the Poles and other US allies. Krzysztof Szczerski also confirmed that it is certain that the visit will take place on July 6th. The head of President Duda's office said that the remaining details of Donald Trump's visit are still being determined.

 "As we know, it is a visit both in Warsaw and later at the G20 summit in Hamburg, so it is also a matter of President Trump's duties at this summit. It depends on the length of stay in Warsaw, and the length of stay in Warsaw depends also on the program of this visit. This is all still in the process of being established, we are working very intensively with President Trump's administration” - said Krzysztof Szczerski.

At the same time, the head of the Cabinet of President Andrzej Dudasuggested that preparation of the visit - regarding security among other things -is a big challenge because the time it takes for a visit to be made at the White House is "relatively late for such visits, i.e one month before the meeting itself."

 "The Polish services have shown their professionalism during the NATO summit and during World Youth Day, and we hope that this professionalism will also be shownin this case," assures Krzysztof Szczerski.

9:18 4 lipca 2017