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Even opponents of the Law and Justice government have to admit it: the visit of the US President to Poland, especially on the eve of the G20 summit, is a huge success and a strengthening of our international position.

As the White House announced last week during a visit to Poland, he will meet President Andrzej Duda, deliver a speech to the Poles at the Krasiński Square, and - perhaps most importantly - take part in the Summit of the Trójmorz Initiative. It is easy to see  the symbolic importance of this gesture in diplomatic terms. Trump will arrive in Poland before heading to the G20 summit in Hamburg, where he will meet with European leaders, who from the beginning of his presidency spared no criticism.

For Poles, already taught by the precautionary history of the promises of Western politicians, is a signal that this time we can benefit from a close alliance with the United States in a way that we have seldom seen in recent history. The American Polonia was a very important part of its electorate, especially in key states of the so-called "The rust belt", as we wrote in "Gazeta Polska" just after the election. In addition, Trump, who is simply unloved by the society of "old Europe", can count on a warm reception on the Vistula. It may turn out that his Thursday speech at Krasiński Square will be one of the key ones during his presidency.

A key moment during Trump's trip to Poland will be his visit to the Summit of the Tricolor Initiative, which, due to the visit of the US President, has been moved from Wroclaw to Warsaw.

The Tricity Initiative is certainly a hot spot in the heads of many European and world politicians. Uncertainty, especially among those who feel that such a Central European association can threaten them, raises two basic issues. Firstly, what is the attitude towards the initiative of individual countries of the region? Secondly, how serious this idea of ​​President Trump really is?

It is no secret that Donald Trump's visit to Warsaw will be seen in the context of the G20 summit, relations with Russia, but also poor relations with the countries of old Europe. The hysterical reactions of representatives of the liberal elites, including the German media, in connection with the Trinity, show that this causes them a deep uncertainty. The world after Breton and Trump's victory, as well as Macron’s vicotry and the expected victory of Merkel is a complicated puzzle, and the president of the United States certainly plays a lot of political games.

Trump's critique of Macron and Merkel dealt primarily with two issues. Firstly, the withdrawal from the Paris Agreements and the orthodoxy breakdown, which is crucial for combating climate change. Secondly, it is expected to withdraw America from trade agreements that form the basis of the global market.

"Gazeta Polska" no. 27 - 05/07/2017

9:12 4 lipca 2017