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George Friedman on Trump in Poland and Intermarium

Posobiec on Trump visiting Poland

President Andrzej Duda about his talk with Trump

“I want to do good business for Poland. Business which will create a win-win situation as the Americans say, so that both sides on this visit will win. Americans will feel they have done good business, but it will be very good business for Poland as well - Duda said.

“I believe that it is in the interest of the United States to keep Europe safe. Let us remember that when Central Europe began wars – most notably World War II and I - Americans were killed there too, because the United States had to get involved in fighting these conflicts. Looking at history, I am not at all surprised that President Trump, who soberly looks at the surrounding reality, attaches great importance to Central and Eastern Europe" said the president.

The President also addressed the words of French President Emmanuel Macron, who accused Eastern European politicians of abandoning European principles and values in the context of resistance to the reception of immigrants. "Well, somehow I do not see the Western European countries willingly accepting refugees and carrying out their obligations in this regard, so I do not understand why we are the only ones to account for it," Duda said.

"Another thing is that I cannot imagine bringing people to Poland when immigrants prefer Western European countries. Do we hold them here by force? The European Union, which is so proud of its principles and values, can never afford such a thing. From the very beginning, Poland has acted as a responsible state of the Union, because we repeat that it is necessary to help where there is a problem.”

On the eve of Trump's visit to Poland, Andrzej Duda wrote: "Poland and the United States unite traditional friendship bonds based on shared values, strategic partnerships and respect for mutual interests."

"I particularly appreciate the American contribution to the security guarantees for European allies on the eastern flank of NATO, by deploying American troops in the region, including Poland," added Andrzej Duda.

The President has bestowed Donald Trump the best wishes for success in continuing to perform "this noble and responsible mission that is undoubtedly the office of the President of the United States of America."

9:19 4 lipca 2017